“The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.” – Augustine of Hippo


“So you have something divine in your hands: a book like fire! A book through which God speaks.

So notice: The Bible is not meant to be placed on a shelf, but to be in your hands, to read often—every day, both on your own and together with others. […]. Or are you afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of others?

Read with attention! Do not stay on the surface as if reading a comic book! Never just skim the Word of God! […]

Only in this way can the force of the Word of God unfold. Only in this way can it change our lives, making them great and beautiful.”

Pope Francis, Prologue in Bible for the youth.


We meet on the first and third Thursday of every month at 19:30 for Bible Study.DSC03377

During our meetings, we do not only dig deep into our reading and studying of God’s Word, but we also try to build a sense of community by sharing food together.

Join us to deepen our understanding about the Scriptures and about the Catholic perspective. Let us discover the truth and beauty that’s within the Word of God.


Email us at activities(at)staugustinus.nl for more details or see us during coffee after Saturday mass.



“Evangelization demands familiarity with God’s word, which calls for dioceses, parishes and Catholic associations to provide for a serious, ongoing study of the Bible, while encouraging its prayerful individual and communal reading.”

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, n.175